These Terms

These terms are subject to change at any time at Bill Pay for Coin, LLC's discretion.  If you do not agree with the terms, please refrain from using our services.

As a Customer

As a Customer you have an obligation to confirm that your bill payment information is true and correct.  The information you give us is the information we use to print and mail the checks.  If the wrong information was provided and we have sent your payment, it is your responsibility to recover the funds.

We Reserve the Right

We reserve the right to deny bill payments and return any/or all funds for any reason including but not limited to: abuse of our services, provision of fraudulent information, customers deemed as "High-Risk," technical malfunctions and for any other reasons outside our control.

Pay to the Order of

This is the person to whom the check will be written to.  For example "Chase Card Services" or "Bob Smith - Landlord."  All checks will be written exactly as entered on our site.  Please double check all entries before paying.  Cancelled and/or voided checks will not be re-issued until it is received into our possession for verification.

Postmark By

This is the date that we will guarantee your bill to be postmarked by.  If the company that is being paid does not honor postmarks as "being timely," make sure to plan accordingly and have us send your bill earlier than the actual due date.  It is standard practice for us to send bills earlier than they are due simply to get them completed in our system. If for whatever reason we do not post payment until the due date provided, we will not be held responsible for late fees incurred by postmarking the bill on the provided due date.


Bill Pay For Coin, LLC will NEVER sell your personal information to an outside business for marketing purposes.  The only people who have access to your information are members of our immediate company.  If changes owners by means of a trade, sale or buyout, all customers will be notified of the proposed ownership change and they may request at that time to have their information restricted from the new owners.  Due to regulation, your information will NEVER be deleted entirely, however we can restrict future owners from having access to it.  (It would be kept in an archive maintained by current owners indefinitely.)

Payment Authorization and Payment Remittance

By providing the Service with names and account information of Payees to whom you wish to direct payments, you authorize the Service to follow the Payment Instructions that it receives through the payment system.  In order to process payments more efficiently and effectively, the Service may edit or alter payment data or data formats in accordance with Payee directives.

When the Service receives a Payment Instruction, you authorize the Service to debit your Payment Account and remit funds on your behalf so that the funds arrive as close as reasonably possible to the Scheduled Payment Date designated by you.  You also authorize the Service to credit your Payment Account for payments returned to the Service by the Post Office or Payee, or payments remitted to you on behalf of another authorized user of the Service.

The Service will use its best efforts to make all your payments properly.  However, the Service shall incur no liability and any Service Guarantee shall be void if the Service is unable to complete any payments initiated by you because of the existence of any one or more of the following circumstances:

  1. The payment processing center is not working properly and you know or have been advised by the Service about the malfunction before you execute the transaction;
  2. You have not provided the Service with the correct Payment Account information, or the correct name, address, phone number, or account information for the Payee; and/or,
  3. Circumstances beyond control of the Service (such as, but not limited to, fire, flood, or interference from an outside force) prevent the proper execution of the transaction and the Service has taken reasonable precautions to avoid those circumstances.
Provided none of the foregoing exceptions are applicable, if the Service causes funds from your Payment Account to be directed to a Payee which does not comply with your Payment Instructions, the Service shall be responsible for returning the improperly transferred funds to your Payment Account, and for directing to the proper Payee any previously misdirected transactions, and, if applicable, for any late payment related charges.

Payment Methods

The Service reserves the right to select the method in which to remit funds on your behalf to your Payee. These payment methods may include, but may not be limited to, an electronic payment, an electronic to check payment, or a laser draft payment.

Exception Payments

Tax payments and court ordered payments may be scheduled through the Service, however such payments are discouraged and must be scheduled at your own risk.  In no event shall the Service be liable for any claims or damages resulting from your scheduling of these types of payments.  The Service Guarantee as it applies to any late payment related changes is void when these types of payments are scheduled and/or processed by the Service.  The Service has no obligation to research or resolve any claim resulting from an exception payment.  All research and resolution for any misapplied, mis-posted or misdirected payments will be the sole responsibility of you and not of the Service.

Address or Banking Changes

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the contact information in your user profile is current and accurate.  This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, phone numbers and email addresses.  Changes can be made either within the application or by contacting Customer Service.  Any changes in your Payment Account should also be made in accordance with the procedures outlined within the application's Help files.  All changes made are effective immediately for scheduled and future payments paid from the updated Payment Account information.  The Service is not responsible for any payment processing errors or fees incurred if you do not provide accurate Payment Account or contact information.

Payee Limitation

The Service reserves the right to refuse to pay any Payee to whom you may direct a payment.  The Service will notify you promptly if it decides to refuse to pay a Payee designated by you.  This notification is not required if you attempt to make a prohibited payment or an exception payment under this Agreement.


In the event of a dispute regarding the Service, you and the Service agree to resolve the dispute by looking to this Agreement.  You agree that this Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and the Service which supersedes any proposal or prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communications between you and the Service relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.  If there is a conflict between what an employee of the Service or Customer Service Department says and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement will prevail.


You may not assign this Agreement to any other party.  The Service may assign this Agreement to any future, directly or indirectly, affiliated company.  The Service may also assign or delegate certain of its rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to independent contractors or other third parties.

No Waiver

The Service shall not be deemed to have waived any of its rights or remedies hereunder unless such waiver is in writing and signed by the Service. No delay or omission on the part of the Service in exercising any rights or remedies shall operate as a waiver of such rights or remedies or any other rights or remedies.  A waiver on any one occasion shall not be construed as a bar or waiver of any rights or remedies on future occasions.