BillPayForCoins is an online service that allows you to pay bills and invoices with bitcoin.  BillPayForCoins uses a payment information database, where all your information is securely kept which saves you time and money—no more running down to the change counter, waiting in line, paying 8 to 10 percent, then depositing the cash and finally writing those checks; no more rushing to the post office to mail your bills; and no more late fees!  Because BillPayForCoins lets you pay your bills when it is convenient for you—anytime, anywhere as long as you have some spare change in the couch cushions to pay with.
You set your bills by selecting or creating payees in our system that you need to pay.  Simply follow the directions on that page.  To pay, select your Payee, the crypto you wish to use and enter the amount that needs to be sent.  We do the rest!
Most crypto can be exchanged to bitcoin.  BillPayForCoins prefers bitcoin.  But you can also directly use Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Tether & ZCash.
Nope.  BillPayForCoins doesn't even need your PUBLIC address!  You will be presented with the corresponding crypto payment QR Code and you simply use the app of your choice to satify the amount.
Anyone who gives you a bill or invoice to pay.  Utilities, credit cards, home & auto loans, rent, State & Federal taxes, brokerage, tickets, insurance and student loans.  A list can be searched here.  And you can add new payees at any time.
The fee is $1.25 + 1.25% currently ($2.49 min).  Get the full details on our fees here.
Until we expand further, any payments that you wish to pay through must be to a Biller located in the United States.  We have MANY payees preloaded into our system, but you can also add your own.
No, you may use BillPayForCoins to make an unlimited number of payments.
We currently have no limit on the amount of the payment.  A bill is a bill, and they need to get paid!  All payments will be paid within 5 business days.
Though we never anticipate it, if this issue comes up, all Cancellations/Refunds will be given in USD in the amount that was originally submitted.  We will mail you a check.
We take security VERY seriously!  Passwords are hashed, not encrypted, so we can't reverse them.  In addition, we recommend physical 2FA via Yubikey, which is a hardware Second Factor Authentication device.  But let's be honest: if someone broke into your account on Bill Pay For Coins, they could only pay some of your bills and they would need to supply their own cryptocurrency, since we don't have any of your public cryptocurrency addresses OR any of your private keys!  It might even be worth setting your password to "123456" . . . *shrug*